Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finally getting to the armor

This is one of the shoulder pieces for my bird guy. 420 tris and I will admit this is pre texture smash, so the texture is at 512x512. I'm sure the reduction to 256 will obliterate them, but oh well. On to the helmet! Here's the helmet...I suppose it "goes without saying".

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Painting without the clone tool

This is a low poly character(2600 Tris and a 512 texture)with actual painted textures. It's pretty fun to get away from projecting photo textures onto everything and pick my own colors and such. It is a polypaint job out of Zbrush!?...I thought for sure that mudbox, with its layers and straight to photoshop exportability would be the way to go, but no. I prefer the fluidity or less-clunkiness of the Zed. The feedback or paint stroke is more instant or something, though the color vertex baking to get a map is not. I hope to have his armor and weapon done and also painted by next week. Should be a bit of work, but fun.