Sunday, July 13, 2008

Something to fill the space until I'm up and running

ball point on paper


Robin said...

I wish your phone was charged up. Hopefully you read this at work. I have some constructive criticism. I think you should move your critic guy down a notch. I think you lose focus of your saweet header because the critic is so close to it. Try to sandwich him between the "about me" section and the blog archive. I don't might not make a difference. It's your blog so I should probably keep my opinions to myself. Oh, and we can erase my comment so it doesn't remain on your blog. I love you shmoopy woopy boopy doopy. gag gag gag. No really, I love you.

Nate said...

Oh your comment stays, I will guard it with my new found blogpowers.....or blowers.

P.S. Sorry about my phone and I'll get right on that critiSizm.