Friday, July 15, 2011


Being a Werehippo would make for some painful transformation, but probably a pretty fierce creature. Think about it, a Hippo supposedly the most dangerous animal in Africa hidden within some regular person walking amongst us. Said person feels a little funny, breaks a sweat, the clouds roll by to reveal a full moon or maybe a full belly and then bam WereHippo! Run for your lives! Much scarier than a wolf in my opinion.


Robin said...

So cool. I had the song from Madagascar 2 playing in my head whilst I watched the clip. "I like 'em round I like 'em chunky."

auntjan said...

Love the gib. Incredible progression! But tell me again how hippotamuses are ferocious. Do they bounce against you until you die or knock you down and step on you? This one is very congenial to my mind. He'd say, "beg pardon," as you were disappearing into the muck.

Jill De Haan said...

Nate! This is YOUR program... you create such amazing things in it! (You do/would in all programs though, I'm sure) But seriously- that was so much fun to watch! How long did that seriously take you!? Amazing- straight to the pool room.

And Jan- Have you ever seen the mouth/huge toofs/jaws of a hippo!? Think about it, you'd be toast if you p-oed that fella!