Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I decided to try out the digital oil brushes on Corel Painter. This is actually only part of the painting I'm doing. I hope to have the bear chasing a squirrel and a bird for stealing his berries....I really just wanted to paint them all together, so the berries just kinda give the bear a motive.


Robin said...

Top-notch Nate! I think he turned out great.

Libby said...

The fur looks so silky. I like it.

Candis Ellis said...

Hey Nate!
This is your long lost super friend front USU, Candis. How's it going? Kris sent me your is amazing! Anyway, I have a neighbor who works for Avalanche as an illustrator and he LOVES his job. Kris mentioned that you were trying to get on there, and I wanted to see if you thought it would be okay for me to send him to your blog and put in a good word for you. Email me :)