Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I once heard that you can tell in what area an artist is weak by what is left out of their pictures. I seem to leave the background out a lot, so I bought a landscape-how to book- and am giving it a try...not that all backgrounds are landscapes, but I'm banking that a lot of the same rules and methods apply.
Ah crap, apparently I over compensated for the curve of the earth here, lol. I'm gonna need to level out that stream a wee bit.

Disclaimer: I'm on the second chapter, so hopefully by the end things will be looking better.


Libby said...

I was going to give you a winning comment, but "lol"?! I don't know if I visit your wee blog any more.

Okay, I guess I can get past that. I love the dreamy colors of the landscape. I love the title of the post. All in all, kudos (expect for the lol).

word verification: skind. It'skind of cool, I guess.

Robin said...


Nate said...

Thanks Lib, but please, if you're going to live in this internet world you can't afford to have such acronymical biases. How else would one more betterly denote sarcasm or implied humor in a forum with no facial epxressions available....actually I suppose I could have put in the ever popular :P or :( or even >< . And Robin, thankyouverymuch.